JoAnnStupakisJo Ann Stupakis
Occupation: Executive Secretary, GUSD
Education: Some college
Contact the candidate:818-269-3295 Email:

What would you like to see the Town Council accomplish?
I am an advocate for historical preservation. One of the reasons I chose to live in La Crescenta was that it has a rich history, interesting architecture and great people. I would like to work to preserve as much of the community in its original form as possible. I have lived here for almost 25 years and will probably retire here. I would like to continue the excellent quality of living we enjoy here and work to improve areas that the Council chooses to address during the term I serve.

As a new member of the Town Council, what would be your goals for the next year or what would you hope to contribute to the Town Council?
1. Listen and observe to get the big picture.
2. Determine where my strengths would fit into the organization and volunteer my time accordingly.
3. I would listen to both sides of any issue and use my ability to be objective to determine my stance.
4. I would use my good communication skills to be an ambassador for the Council to shed the best possible light on our organization and its activities.
5. I would be an active participant and volunteer my time whenever I can.