Below are some basic Q & A about what is or is not allowed with regard to signage in the La Crescenta Montrose Unincorporated areas:

Q: Banners attached to buildings:
Is there a time limit?
Can they be placed on buildings at all?
How many can they attach?

A: Response: Banners are prohibited in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County – 22.52.990(F)
Banners promoting business not attached to their building and placed on hedges, is this allowed?

Response: If the hedges are on private property, we can enforce on the banners, as they are prohibited – 22.52.990(F)

Q: Sandwich sign left out all night or just during business hours, allowed or not?

A: Response: If the sandwich sign (portable sign) is on private property, we can enforce. Portable signs are prohibited. – 22.52.990(I)

Q: Window ads:
Can window ads cover all of the window id not is there a percentage?
Can there be a window ad in more than one window?

A: Response: Temporary window signage cannot exceed a maximum of 25% coverage for windows – 22.52.920

Q: Blinking lights or scrolling electric signs hung in windows, are these allowed?

A: Response: These types of signs are prohibited by the La Crescenta-Montrose CSD – 22.44.139(F)(3)(l)(xiv)(1)

Q: Permanent outdoor signage:
Can a lighted sign attached to a building be replaced with the same size with new tenants, does the change require a permit?

A: Response: We would not require a new site plan review for a new tenant who comes in and utilizes the exact same square footage and meets all the requirements imposed by the CSD, as well as the general regulations with respect to signage as long as the structure is not removed from the building.

Q: If there is a pole sign can a new sign be attached to the existing sign area to create a large display, does new signage on a pole need a permit?

A: Response: Pole signs are not permitted per the CSD.

Q: When do pole signs need to come down under the CSD?

A: Response: The CSD does not include amortization periods for signs. However, the countywide sign provisions require that nonconforming signs comply within 10 years of its nonconforming status.

Q: How many signs can a business have?

A: Response: The number of business signs a business can have is dependent on its location under the La Crescenta – Montrose CSD. Each business is allowed one sign, however, depending on its orientation towards streets, alleys and parking lots, a second sign may be allowed. One, possibly two, freestanding monument signs may also be allowed, depending on the amount of building frontage. Window signage, at a maximum of 25% coverage, may also be allowed.

q: How many lighted signs can a business have?

A: Response: The number of signs allowed is the same, however, certain signs are not allowed to have internal illumination. These include, awning signs, freestanding monument business signs, incidental business signs, building identification signs, temporary real estate signs, temporary construction signs, and special purpose signs.

Q: Is there a size limitation for signs?

A: Response: The size of a sign or the allowable square footage of a sign is based off of the following formula under the CSD: One (1) square foot of wall business sign area for each one (1) linear foot of building frontage, not to exceed forty (40) square feet of wall business sign area provided that: (i) Each wall business sign does not exceed twenty-five (25) square feet in area – 22.44.139(F)(3)(l)(iii)(1)(a). This formula applies to all permitted business signs within the CSD.

Q: What does one have to do to get a permit for a business sign, can I have a link to an application?

A: Response: A site plan review application through the Department of Regional Planning is the first step in obtaining an approval for a business sign. Here is the link: