Recently, The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was made aware that a political mailer has circulated depicting an official looking document from the Sheriff’s Department.

This message is to assure residents that the political mailer depicted in the photos attached to this message is counterfeit and could mislead members of the public to believe they are subject to legal action by the Sheriff’s Department.  The use of this mailer is unauthorized and unlawful under the California Business and Professions Code.

California Business and Professions Code § 17533.6 prohibits a nongovernmental entity from using a trade or brand name, seal, emblem, or insignia in a manner that can be construed as implying local governmental approval, unless the nongovernmental entity has an express connection with or the approval or endorsement of that governmental entity.

If you have received the mailer depicted, please note it is not an official Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department document and the political group using this mailer has been put on notice by County Counsel that they must cease and desist using it.

To read the Cease and Desist letter, please click the link under the images.

Authored by:
Bob Boese, Sergeant
Sheriff’s Information Bureau – Newsroom
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Hall of Justice – First floor
211 W. Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90012