Occupation: Executive Secretary


What would you like to see the CV Town Council accomplish?

I served this past year as an alternate on the CV Town Council.  I learned much about our community, the amazing things that have already been accomplished and the work that needs to be done.  The members of Town Council are very passionate and each of us has different talents.  I would like to see us work to become a cohesive team and utilize each other’s strengths to be even more effective in serving the needs of our community members.


As a new member of Town Council, what would be your goals for the next year or what would you hope to contribute to the Town Council?

As a member of Town Council, I would volunteer to serve as Recording Secretary.  I am an employee of Glendale Unified School District and will continue to work to strengthen the relationship that has been built this year between the Council and the District so that we can collaborate for the common welfare of our students and residents.  I will also continue my advocacy for historic preservation in our community.  I will be an active participant and attend Council-sponsored events, as well be a representative of the Council at community events as much as I can.



Election 2016