The purpose of the La Crescenta-Montrose Community Standards District is established to ensure that new multi-family buildings are designed to be compatible with the character of existing the La Crescenta Montrose area. The CSD was designed to improve the appearance of the Foothill Boulevard commercial corridor through thoughtful design of pedestrian friendly structures integrated with extensive landscaping. This document also applies to new construction of multi-family dwellings. Multi-family dwelling must have sufficient landscape area and also must blend with the surrounding neighborhoods and not impede or tower over existing neighbors.Anyone looking to improve, expand or build within the La Crescenta-Montrsoe unincorporated areas should review this document along with their architect and builder. This document is on file with LA County building and safety and is enforced through the LA County Building department.

This documents effects Commercial and Multi Family zoned  property owners, not single family residences.View the entire document CSD CSD_2013-10-27.pdf