headshotbrandonleeBrandon Myungho Lee, or 이명호 [rom: ‘Ee Myung-Ho’], is a homegrown La Crescentan, having lived here since just before the turn of the century. Just six years into it, Lee graduated from Valley View Elementary School, eventually promoting from Rosemont Middle School in 2008, and then spending the final four years of his earlier life as a proud Falcon (CVHS Class of 2012). Returning after a successful time during his undergraduate studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Lee graduated this June (2016) with a B.A. in Political Science w/ a minor in Educational Studies- Applied Psychology; conferred upon by the faculty at both the UCSB College of Letters & Sciences, and the Gevirtz School of Education, respectively.

An aspiring High School Teacher and a Public Service policy advocate, Lee is currently certifying to become a CA-licensed Secondary Social Sciences Educator. From home, he further refines his craft in educating through modern-age, technologically-oriented Graduate-level studies, just recently having been admitted to study as a Master Degree Candidate at the USC Rossier School of Education (M.A.T. Online Program) in January 2017.
On December 15th, 2016, Brandon Myungho Lee was sworn-in after affirming the Oath of Office, which was administered by L.A. County Supervisor for the Fifth District, the Hon. Kathryn Barger. Lee’s official three-year term is set to conclude in December of 2019, after having been elected on 11/19/16 by the community to serve out a three-year term as a regular, voting-member. Lee is the youngest Korean-American to ever serve on the Council, and is the second-youngest Councilmember in La Crescenta-Montrose’s entire history. 
Lee is also a part-time English teacher at Focus Learning Center LLC, a privately-contracted Social Science teacher, and an Emergency-permitted (pvt.) Substitute Teacher. He conducts classroom observations at Verdugo Hills High School, and has registered nearly one hundred hours as an observer or guest teacher at other LAUSD/Private charter schools, the Santa Barbara Unified School District, and/or in the Goleta Unified School District. Lee hones his skills in public advocacy volunteering, organizing, and mentoring on behalf of Korean American Civic Empowerment Inc. (KAGC-U), School on Wheels Inc., and as a guest delegate to the NEA Convention.  
You can contact the Councilmember by emailing him directly at: 
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Personal Phone Number may become available upon request. When calling Council phone number to leave messages, please do not leave any message if it is confidential, or may contain content that is intended to remain sensitive, esp. with regards to personal messages left specifically for ANY individual Councilmember(s). 
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