Charles_BeattyThird Alternate Councilmember Charles Beatty

Charles Beatty has lived in La Crescenta since he was three years old and says he loves both the tradition and change he sees in the community. Charles knows so many of his constituents well from the many years he worked in management with Ralph’s Grocery Company. He is a local Real Estate Broker and has been President of both the Crescenta-Canada Board of REALTORS and the Crescenta Canada Flintridge Board of REALTORS. He has served as  President of the Crescenta Valley Town Council three times and has chaired numerous meetings, committees, and events such as Arbor Day in March of 2007. Charles attended Glendale Public Schools and graduated from Glendale High School.  He holds both a BA and MA in government from California State University at Los Angeles. He has been  married to his wife Andrea, for thirty-eight years. Charles has one daughter, Alli, son-in-law Kevin, and three grandsons, Alec, Gavin, and Andrew who all live in La Crescenta and all have attended or attend Glendale Public Schools.